Participation conditions [EN]

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    • Participation conditions [EN]

      Mr.Funkyvogelfutter wrote:

      Participation only for registered users of the RRVGT.
      Each driver can only win four times per calendar year.
      This gives everyone the chance to score.
      VIP-Drivers are also not counted.

      Log in to the forum at and
      become part of the RRVGT.
      Once you have registered, you can post your achieved time in the forum:Overview Hotlap Competition

      The right posting format is important:
      Your full name, which you also use in RaceRoom Racing Experience, and of course your achieved time in the leaderboard.
      Katharina Flitzer = 1: 45.678

      Show everyone that you are competitive in RaceRoom Racing Experience!
      The HLC (Hotlap-Competition) runs all month and that long you have the opportunity to drive and post your times.

      Have fun and put the pedal to the metal !!! - Your Sim Racing League Management

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