SETUPS for Ruf and Mustang

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    • SETUPS for Ruf and Mustang

      Someone on the server has asked me for the setups that I usually use so I leave them in this post.

      I only have 2 different sets for the ruf, the stable (portimao & monza) and other with better corner speed but more unstable for rest of tracks, nurburg redbull etc.

      I always use the less possible camber, -2.0 in front and -1.5 in rear, with the ruf it works better than high values but with the other cars I have not done tests to compare, the mustng seems to work good too the same camber values.

      Also add 2 setups for the mclaren, the spa seems quite competitive. Monza's set is not good at the last chicane but is my pb set.

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